About Paradies IP


Eileen, is a real, live intellectual property paralegal. She has been providing IP docketing and reminder services for more than a decade and will make sure that your IP is not neglected.

In addition, we offer the IP Master Class. Completing the easy step-by-step implementation at IPmasterclass.com means that you will own the IP created for you by others. You'll "...master your IP and control your future..." by customizing your own library of agreements and using them as part of your normal business practices.  


Paradies IP is not a law firm. (So, we don't charge you law firm fees.) Instead, our mission is to offer you, our innovative business customers, intellectual property (IP) administrative services and training that help you to take action to own, protect and grow the value of your intellectual property, at a price that you can afford through the IP gardening program.  

IP gardening offers timely information and training, exactly when you need it, access to a library of forms that every business needs, and helpful training to understand, customize and use your own IP agreements. Our mission is to help you own, protect and grow your intellectual property.



Chris is a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and registered patent attorney with the USPTO. He has been helping business owners grow the value of their IP portfolio for more than 15 years. You get virtual access to Chris' experience via video shoots received at your email inbox, livestream events and our "IP master's" forum, held at least annually, online.